Moose in River

Moose in River - Original 5x8 inch Watercolor by Jamie Wilke Fine Art

5×8″ Watercolor by Jamie Wilke

Fine Art for Sale:
Limited Edition Prints (Paper or Canvas): $39+
Original Artwork: SOLD

I painted this watercolor as a study and a warmup for painting a moose in a larger painting. This painting was done alla prima (in one sitting). The benefit of painting quickly is a free and loose style. I like the reflections of the moose in the river and how the moose looks like it is “walking on water”.

Moose are seen at higher altitudes in Colorado. They also live in the most northern states in the US, Canada, and Alaska. Because of their large size and insulating fur, they only live in colder climates. They are mostly found in forested areas that are near water habitats such as streams, creeks, rivers and even lakes where they eat young plants including willow/dogwood, aspen, shrubs, grasses, mosses and aquatic plants.

Moose are very large and have only a few predators: wolves if around, mountain lions and sometimes coyotes if the moose is sick or young. They have poor eyesight and use their large size and strong sense of smell to defend themselves against their predators.

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