Colorado Mountain Goat Pastel Drawing Jamie Wilke

8×8″ Soft Pastel Drawing by Jamie Wilke

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Original Artwork: $295 Artwork Only  |  $449 Framed
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Where Do Mountain Goats Live?

This mountain goat was looking out over the top of Loveland Pass in Summit County, Colorado at an elevation of 11,991 feet. Thank you and to my friend Mike Repyak for letting me draw his amazing photo. See how I created this Colorado mountain goat with soft pastels from start to finish on my “Art In Progess” blog.

Did you know mountain goats are not actually native to Colorado? They are natives of the Pacific Northwest and got relocated to the Rocky Mountains of Northern Colorado in the 1940s-1960s as game animals. Contrary to what may people think, they are not related at all to domestic goats.

Fascinating Facts About Colorado Mountain Goats

  • Mountain goats can be found at or below treeline/timberline, and this helps protect them from predators.
  • Their white coats also help to hide them from being seen by predators in the winter snow.
  • They feed on grass and flowering plants.
  • Mountain goats like to travel on rocky terrain and cliffs, which is possible because they have super flexible toes and spongy pads on their hooves.
  • The horns of female and male mountain goats are the same length, approximately 8-9 inches. However, the males weigh 300 lbs, but the females are half that size.


Jamie Wilke

Colorado artist Jamie Wilke thrives on the varied natural beauty where she lives in the small foothills town of Palmer Lake, Colorado. She paints and draws Colorado landscapes, animals and people using charcoal, pastel, watercolor and oil. She spends her free time hiking, biking and skiing with her family, coaching youth sports, trail running, and gardening.

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