The Life of Red Poppies

The Life of Poppies - Oil Painting by Jamie Wilke Fine Art

16×20″ Oil Painting by Jamie Wilke

Fine Art for Sale:
Limited Edition Prints (Paper or Canvas): $39+
Original Artwork SOLD

In this oil painting I celebrate the blooming of red poppy wildflowers. The perennial flower is named the “Oriental Poppy” or latin: “Papaver Orientale”. For 4-6 straight weeks every year around June, I’m excited to see these bold red/orange flowers with tall green stems light up the landscapes in Palmer Lake.

The life span of the poppy is short yet stunning. Its thick and fuzzy flower bud pods open slowly, bloom widely and brightly, and then the petals fall and fade dramatically. I’m amazed and the different stages of a poppy plant’s life. There are multiple flower heads all at different stages in one plant. Some are dead and dark, faded. Others are perfectly colored and abundant looking. The dark purple seedy centers of the flower are just as dramatic as its bright red and translucent petals. The way the petals of each flower catch the light and fold into each other is breathtaking.

I hope you, too, are lucky enough to experience this flower’s precious show of life and death every year.

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