The Channel at Big Bass Lake

The Channel at Big Bass Lake - Oil Painting by Jamie Wilke Fine Art

16×20″ Oil Painting (Alla Prima) by Jamie Wilke

Fine Art for Sale:
Limited Edition Prints (Paper or Canvas): $39+
Original Artwork: $895

I took the photo that inspired this painting while I was kayaking at the lake in Michigan this July. This is a channel that connects two lakes, Big Bass Lake and Little Bass Lake. The channel is covered with lily pads and travels beneath an old wooden footbridge. This painting captures the reflections of the water, the trees in the distance, and the colorful lily pads and blooming white water lilies.

What does “Alla Prima” mean? It is an Italian phrase that translates to “all in one sitting”. It is a style of oil painting that is done in one sitting. The paint is applied “wet-on-wet”. Layers don’t dry before applying the layers above.

This painting was applied with mostly a palette knife, not a brush. I like the look of “alla prima”. It gives a painting a more lively look since it is painted quickly and while all the paint is still wet. Also the thick paint you can get with using a palette knife make the painting more 3-D. This gives the painting texture and extra depth.

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