Lupine Sunrise

Lupine Sunrise 16x20" oil painting by Jamie Wilke Fine Art

16×20″ Oil Painting by Jamie Wilke

Fine Art for Sale:
Limited Edition Prints (Paper or Canvas): $39+
Original Artwork: $895

This original artwork is an “alla prima” oil painting done with a palette knife. It features an early morning sunrise featuring blue/violet lupine and yellow wildflowers in the foreground. Hazy mountains and a winding, disappearing river take place in the background. Bright white sun rays cut through the clouds on the mountaintop and shine down to the flowers.

Paintings like this allow me to describe visually how nature looks and feels during these quick yet utterly amazing moments in time. If you blink you just might miss it.

In this painting, I love the darker and slight moody, yet colorful morning sky and how it contrasts with the bright flowers in the foreground. The filtered light created by the clouds and the sun rays makes everything dark and light at the same time. The river is lit up by the sun, and the foreground and background stay dark yet colorful.

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