Bison Blue


Bison Blue oil painting wildlife portrait by Colorado artist Jamie Wilke“Bison Blue”  
36×24″ Oil Painting by Jamie Wilke

Fine Art for Sale:
Original Artwork: SOLD
Limited Edition Prints (Paper or Canvas): $49+

I was commissioned to paint this very large bison by a couple who love the west, Wyoming and buffalo. The clients wanted the painting to communicate the wildness and freedom that a buffalo symbolizes.

Bison Blue - Fine Art Oil Painting. Commission of Buffalo by Colorado Artist Jamie Wilke

My goal for this wildlife portrait was to make his fur bright and three-dimensional. I wanted people looking at this bison to feel like they can reach out and touch him.

His bright blue eyes drastically contrast with is fiery orange fur.

I made the background feel simple, smooth and wide open like the prairie, and in order to contrast with the rough texture and details of his face.

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